How To Buy DBZ

1. Download Trust Wallet


Visit and download the wallet. TrustWallet is one of the most secure crypto wallets. Make sure to safely store your seed phrase.


2. Add some BNB


Buy some BNB through the app. These purchased BNB coins will be used to purchase DBZ on the Binance Smart Chain.


3. Go to pancakeswap


Visit to buy the tokens. PancakeSwap is a decentralised exchange that allows users to swap BNB with BSC coins like DBZ. iPhone users must enable trust browser before doing so.


4. Swap for DBZ


Click ‘Select A Currency’ and enter the contract: 0x8caa854f5091c279259e31baaa86a02042d48c33.


Due to increased demand, to ensure equal opportunity for everyone, you are able to buy a maximum of 10m coins per transaction. To purchase more then 10m coins, you will need to do multiple transactions when buying.



Call for Price

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